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Gang violence affecting entire Chattanooga city

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Chattanooga Police say the recent shootings are part of an ongoing feud between two major gang groups in the city. But lately, people in the city say they're being impacted by the shootings and hope to see it come to an end.

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"We've been to Erlanger many times and never seen anything like this so it's kind of nerve wracking to be over here in the middle of it," said Amanda Dishman.

Dishman and her family spent the past two days at Erlanger Hospital with a loved one. During that time there have been two major disruptions, a lock down of the emergency room on Monday for patient safety, and about 24 hours later, a shooting victim drove himself to the ER for treatment, leaving a gold Lexus with blood spatter and bullet holes in the ER driveway.

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"Come out and there's police cars everywhere and I hear somebody's been shot," another bystander said.

Police say both situations are related to ongoing gang violence in parts of the city, violence that is now spilling over to other communities.

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"Well I just was thinking you know why can't they get a handle on the crime around here especially around this hospital because it's so important to so many," Dishman said.

Blocks away from where Ladarious Bush, 17 was shot and killed Monday, Karen Richardson was sitting at her reception desk at Bock Construction.

"I was pretty upset when I heard that it was gunshots, so close to us especially," Richardson said.  

She heard five or six rounds of gunshots, but says she wanted to believe it was something else.

"Again, I know we're in a dicier part of town but I've never heard anything that alarming in this area since I've been working here," she added.         

In response to the recent shootings the company is taking a hard look at its safety, something that remains a concern for family and friends visiting patients at Erlanger.

"I was just thinking okay we're safe here, as long as we don't have to go out of this room, hopefully nobody comes in and you know, tries to retaliate," Dishman said.

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