UPDATE: Autopsy results, obtained by Channel 3, show Ladarious Bush died as the result of a single gunshot wound to the back.

Bush was shot in the middle back. The Hamilton County Medical Examiner located the bullet in Bush’s chest.

His body was sent to the forensic center for follow up examination. 

PREVIOUS STORY: We're learning gang violence has touched the teen killed in Chattanooga's latest homicide before. 

Family members tell Channel 3 Ladarious Bush, 17, was shot and killed Monday afternoon while playing video games inside a home on 7th Avenue. 

Channel 3 archives show Ladarious and his family were the target of a drive-by shooting five years ago. He and his twin brother weren't members of a gang when bullet holes riddled their home in 2011. 

But Monday, police said Ladarious was a known member of a gang and believe that led to his death. 

"It was like POW," Nidarious Bush told Channel 3 in 2011. 

Ladarious sat next to his twin brother as he described the sound of gunfire. 

Little did the family know Ladarious would be killed by the same kind of violence five years later. 

The then-13-year-olds showed Channel 3 the bullet-ridden home where the brothers and their siblings lived with their grandmother saying they were the target of gang members. 

"They were riding in a truck and they were waving guns saying, we're comin'. We're comin'," Nidarious added. 

Ladarious would become the target of gang members again and the city's 11th homicide this year. 

Chattanooga police believe the 17-year-old's death is the result of a war between rival gangs. 

"We are presuming it's involved in this back and forth of violence since Robert Jackson, III's murder. We're trying to find out, it's clear this house was targeted for some reason," Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher added. 

It's one of the latest shootings spilling over after a violent weekend. 

Chattanooga police believe all but two of the shootings are gang-related. 

Regardless of motive, it's put many throughout the community on high alert. 

"First I counted 12 gunshots, then I heard about 15 more, rapid, repeating," Terri Scott said describing shots she heard on O'Rear Street Saturday morning. 

If you have any information regarding this shooting or any of the others, call Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.