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What The Tech? Lyve photo app

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Millions of people use Google Photos to save and store photos in the cloud, but another app is getting lots of attention for its ease of use and functionality.

Lyve searches for, finds then organizes photos you have on your phone and computer. Once it’s installed, the app will look through every hard drive searching for image apps whether that’s a photo or video.

The user selects which folders to search and Lyve finds each one. You also have the option to set it up where Lyve will continually update and gather photos when they’re added to those folders or when a video or photo is taken with the users smartphone.

Photos can then be found organized by date or face and can be viewed on any mobile device using the Lyve app.

What makes Lyve work so well at sharing is anyone can download the app and get access to those files, so grandma and grandad get to see them on their computer and download them to their own computer or device.

There is also a mix feature where, if you’re at a live even such as a wedding and there are a lot of people taking pictures, by using the app any photo taken from anyone is shared with everybody.

Lyve does not backup photos in the cloud so if you delete them on your phone before saving them to a hard drive they are gone forever and to view photos that are stored on a computer hard drive, the computer must be turned on.

There are Lyve apps in both the Google and iTunes app store.

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