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UPDATE: 17-year-old shooting victim dies in city's 6th shooting in 72 hours

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"We are presuming it's involved in the back and forth violence since Robert Jackson III's murder, we're trying to find out, it's clear this house was targeted for some reason," said Police Chief Fred Fletcher.   

Chattanooga Police responded Monday to a call of a person shot at at home on the 3100 block of 7th Avenue.

Family members tell Channel 3 the victim is a 17-year-old male, who was inside a home playing video games. They tell us he was shot in the back. Police say the victim has died from his injuries.

CPD is looking for a black male in a white hoodie seen driving a tan or gold four-door sedan. 

"The description is a gold, tan or champagne compact sedan, we've heard it referred to as an Altima or Corolla, they all look very similar," Fletcher said.

Over the weekend, five shootings were reported.

"Like i said you hear gunshots over here constantly," said Zachary Scruggs, a neighbor, "You've got so many things that are going on around here, you're  scared to sit outside because you're scared somebody is going to shoot at your house accidentally."

Another person was shot early Monday morning in the 4200 block of Oakwood Drive.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital for examination. Erlanger Hospital has been placed on lock down for "precautionary measures" following transport of the latest shooting victim. Erlanger says they are still receiving patients. 

Chief Fletcher says it was done as a precaution, in case more gang violence followed to the hospital.

"If they're cavalier enough, brazen enough, to commit violence at noon in our town, on our streets, you have to presume they would take it to a hospital," Chief Fletcher said.

Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information regarding this crime to call 423-698-2525.  

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