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Volkswagen abuzz with new "visitors"

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Nearly 5,000 bees descended upon the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant, where they took up residence on an external wall of the production facility, according to a Facebook post.

VW’s environmental team took the call, and then in turn, called a local beekeeper, Ben Miller to help.

Miller, covered head to toe with protective equipment, then sprayed the bees with a mixture of nectar as a tasty distraction, and gently swept them into a box using a soft brush.

"As far as swarms where you see them in large swarms on trees and buildings and stuff, it's mostly in the Spring," said Charles Hall of Animal Control Emergency Services. "They'll find a place to rest while the scouts go out and look for a new home for them."

Queen bees will sometimes leave their hive with about 60% of the citizens to search for a location to build a new hive that will allow the population to grow. 

During this search the bees will periodically settle around the queen in a mass in order to protect the queen while they rest.

Now the queen and her swarm now have a safe new hive to call home.

Local bee keepers can help with relocation of bees, and can be found online.

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