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UPDATE: A look inside the Brainerd Trophy Shop after arson

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A former employee and her friend are accused of setting fire to the Brainerd Trophy Shop in February, and on the day of the fire, the owner told us he was determined to rebuild.

Now, owner Jack Scruggs is showing Channel 3 some of his progress.

"Look at everything, kind of watch your step," Scruggs said.

Jack Scruggs has been in the trophy business for more than 50 years. But the past few months, Scruggs has described as a nightmare.

He's had to rebuild the inside of his store after fire caused more than $300,000 of damages. Scruggs did not have insurance, and says other local businesses have been generous in helping him rebuild.

"It took weeks to get the mess cleaned up. Just to get the mess cleaned up," he said.

Two months later and it's now starting to look like the good old days, with new carpet, new walls, and a new display area out front.

Fire destroyed all of the trophies that used to sit there, but most of the trophy-making equipment was spared.

"Our laser is miraculously running, I don't know how," Scruggs said.

While there might be fewer trophies now out on display, Scruggs says business is doing well.

Most of his orders are now done through his website, and corresponded by e-mail instead of in-person at the store. But, Scruggs said if customers want to come in, they're following their regular work hours. Updates are also posted on the Brainerd Trophy Shop Facebook page.
"So we're basically open," he said, "Overcoming this is going to be months and months."

Months and months of hardship for Scruggs, after he says of a former employee and her friend robbed his store and set it on fire.

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Gene Wegg and Pamela Mcnabb are facing arson, burglary and theft charges from the February incident.

Scruggs says he's trying not to think of those painful memories, his focus is on his business and his customers.

"I'm past it. I don't even think about the two people that did this damage. I just think about how much more work we have to do, and then I'm going to get back to my regular lifestyle," he said.

It will be up to a grand jury to decide if the two people in this case will be indicted. Channel 3 is following the case closely and will let you know if anything develops.

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