An attorney is facing charges after police say he caused a scene in downtown Chattanooga one day after being banned from the courthouse.
Police responded to reports that a man was "acting crazy" on the corner of 7th Street and Cherry Street about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday.
When an officer approached the area, he found Fisher Wise yelling loudly and reported he appeared to be visibly upset, according to an arrest report. When the officer approached, Wise took an aggressive stance and yelled statements that included profane language and racial slurs. He also pointed toward a witness and yelled, "You don't want to do this for that little *****."
The officer noted Wise's behavior created such a commotion it was causing drivers and pedestrians in the area to stop and watch and record cell phone video.
The officer said he repeatedly told Wise to calm down, lower his voice and stop using profane language and racial slurs. When Wise continued to make a scene, the officer arrested him for disorderly conduct.
During his arrest, the officer said Wise yelled out that "[I'm] an attorney and you just ****** up bad!" He also made threats to a witness and said, "I swear on my father that [I'm] going to get both of you!"
The officer walked Wise up the street to the Hamilton County Jail and said Wise continued to make threatening, vulgar and racial comments to him as he was booked, including the statement, "I hope you don't have any family that depends on you, because you are finished!"
The officer reported a Hamilton County deputy contacted him to let him know Wise had been involved in an altercation in criminal court with a fellow attorney on Tuesday and had to be removed from the courthouse. The deputy said the Criminal Court judges later had a meeting about the incident and informed Wise he was banned from the courthouse until further notice.
Wise is charged with retaliation against a judge and disorderly conduct. His bond is $5,000.