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UPDATE: Driver flees scene after crashing into Dodson Ave. Apartments

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UPDATE: People living at Dodson Avenue Apartments want to know who the driver of the vehicle is that crashed into their apartment building.

The person living inside the apartment said at the time of the crash, it sounded like an explosion.

"All of a sudden it sounded like big ole' boom, kind of like an atomic explosion," said resident Bobby Paris.

Bobby Paris described the moment he realized something had just crashed into his apartment wall.

"The bed came about three feet from the wall, hit the chair that we were sitting in," he said.

Paris said he was at the computer with his young autistic grandson, helping to teach him his A, B, C's.

"I just picked him up and ran out of the house and come out here; we were both barefoot, he was in his pajamas," he said.

Outside of his building Paris saw tire tracks, destruction to his apartment, but no car or driver.

"You know because I didn't see no cars, and nobody's seen anything," Paris said, "He was scared. I really, I was more afraid for my grandson than the house."

Paris said maintenance crews and building inspectors spent the morning repairing the huge hole in his apartment wall. Inspectors told him it's once again safe to live in, but Paris thinks it might be time for him to leave the complex.

"I really need to move, because there's just too much chaos going on," Paris said.

He believes someone must have witnessed the car ram his apartment, but he hasn't gotten any answers.

"Nobody said anything and that's the way it is out here. You know, you can't get anybody to say anything out here," Paris said.

Chattanooga police have not released a description of the driver or the vehicle.

Police say this case was handled by patrol and is a property damage case.

If you have any information, call Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A driver fled the scene after crashing into a Chattanooga apartment complex Wednesday evening.

It happened shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Dodson Avenue.

The call was originally reported as an explosion; however, fire officials confirm to Channel 3, the building was hit by a vehicle.

Police say the driver and vehicle were gone before they could arrive at the scene.

The building inspector is on site, checking the structure's stability.

No one was injured.

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