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Chattanooga's 21st Century Waterfront opens after long-term construction

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Chattanooga's 21st Century Waterfront is now open after eight years of intermittent construction.

Sections of the waterfront sank six inches since it was completed in 2005.

The project at Ross's Landing cost more than $7 million. Last November, city council approved an extra $700,000 for additional fixes.

Many are now pleased with the final results.

"It's great to have it open. It's safe and it looks beautiful," said Mickey McCamish, Riverbend Festival. "The community has been very, very patient. Just like us here at Riverbend."

The Waterfront is a popular place during Riverbend, but it was fenced off last year due to construction, causing crowds to form in other areas surrounding the stages.

Friends of the Festival is looking forward to using the entire space this summer.

"Now, this year, the public will have total access, just like it was back in 2014 and 2013," McCamish said.

"Some phases of the construction took a little longer than we thought they would," said Dennis Malone, Asst. City Engineer.

The project was slated to be finished in January. But during construction, the city noticed several structural concerns, like sagging beams and settling bleachers.

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"We decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and fix it all while we were here," Malone said.

A few new features were added the the Waterfront. The city replaced old gas lamps and added new electrical ones, keeping the area well-lit.  Power outlets were also added for boaters who decide to dock overnight.

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