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Soddy Daisy Officers repair porch to fly fallen American flag

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A concerned citizen saw the American flag on the ground and didn't know what to do. So, they called the Soddy Daisy Police Department for help.

Three Soddy Daisy Police Officers responded to a call they had never received before.

"No ma'am we didn't really discuss it, we just did what we thought was the right thing to do," said Officer Eddie Vinson.

When officers arrived on scene they saw a wooden porch post had fallen to the ground, taking with it the American flag.

"We understand the homeowner had no idea," said Officer Dustin Stewart, "But we knew the right thing to do what to get the flag off the ground."

No one could get in touch with the homeowner, so those two officers, along with Officer Ben Robbs, did what they thought was right.

"We used what means we had to put it back right." Officer Vinson said, "We have wire ties that we use to make make-shift handcuffs when we run short of handcuffs on big incidences."

They fixed the front porch so the flag could fly with honor.
Honor is something these officers know all too well.

"I'm very proud of what it stands for, Dustin in fact is a veteran. We couldn't leave it on the ground," Officer Vinson said.

Officer Stewart served three years in the Army before joining the Soddy Daisy Police Department.
And before him, his brother-in-law served.

"My brother-in-law, he actually paid the ultimate sacrifice in 2003," said Officer Stewart.

Sgt. Marshall Edgerton grew up in Whitfield County.
He was killed by a suicide bomber during his second tour in Iraq when he was 27-years-old.
Officer Stewart says his brother's sacrifice was one of reasons why they didn't wait for the homeowner to fix the post.

"There was no doubt, we knew what to do, and that was to get the flag off the ground," he said.

And for the anonymous caller who told officers about the problem, they want to say thank you.

"I love this community, because of the support we get and the support that they show America. I really do love it," Officer Stewart said.

The Soddy Daisy Police Department shared photos on Facebook as a way to thank their officers. The post has already been shared hundreds of times.

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