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Police: Thieves stole $50 in quarters from car wash

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Police in Lafayette are searching for coin thieves. Several men broke into a car wash and stole $50 in quarters.

The thieves spent more than an hour breaking into the coin machines at Fountain Plaza car wash on Main St. The car wash owner says they did a lot of work -- for just $50.

"We have had people try to break in before, but not go to the extent they did," said car wash owner Miriam Hammond.

Security cameras captured the men in the middle of the night on Thursday driving a red SUV into two of the wash bays. They returned the next night.

Police say the men cut the locks beneath the coin dispenser, but figured out the system went underground. After ripping out the hose that collects the coins, they were able to get a hold of some loose change.

"They worked an hour and 20 minutes doing this, to not much avail," Hammond said.

She has owned the car wash for nearly 20 years. Hammond and her husband opened it back in 1998.

"My husband died in 2001, and I've continued to run the business," she said.

Hammond calls the theft a small setback. The repairs cost more money than the thieves got away with.

"I don't think I was real surprised, but it just upsets your day. You have to spend time looking through tapes to see when they came, and try to see who it is," she said. "It's a lot of trouble."

The car wash is in the process of upgrading their security system to keep something like this from happening again. Anyone with information should call Lafayette Police at (706) 639-1540.

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