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Chattanoogans look for financial freedom at Money School

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Kenya Hicks wants financial freedom.

"I want to make sure I have a secure path not only for myself, but my daughters as well. They have great programs here,” said Hicks.

Hicks attended the free money school Saturday at Brainerd Baptist Church.

The Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise created the day-long event to help equip people to make wise financial choices.

“This is a day to give people information, so they can make sound decisions for their life,” said hicks.

Hicks sat in several classes Saturday.

She says the information she learned will help her reach her financial goals. 

“This is getting me one step closer to the goals that I have set out for myself,” said Hicks.

Organizers offered more than 30 classes Saturday.

They say it's meant to be a jumping off point.

“It’s not really just a one day event. it really is, how on the rest of the 364 days of the year do we really pursue all of the different things that we need to know about money. so with all of the partners here, there is a myriad of different resources out here that people then on the rest of the year can improve on and improve their knowledge,” said Martina Guilfoil, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise.

Hicks set up appointments with the people she met Saturday.

She says she wants to continue to gain more knowledge. 

“Each dollar counts. You want to make sure you know where you are spending your money,” said Hicks

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