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UPDATE: CPD investigating murder near Sky Zoo

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UPDATE: Police believe a fight between the victim, Robert Jackson, 22, and the suspect started inside Sky Zoo in the moments leading up to the fatal shooting.

The fight spilled out into an adjacent parking lot and that is where the victim was found dead.

"The back door was pretty close to me so I heard it pretty good, I just knew it was a gun," said Gary.

Gary was at Sky Zoo Saturday night when he says he heard several gunshots outside. Everyone was told to leave and Gary took cell phone video on his way out.

"When I was leaving I could hear somebody crying and carrying on loudly but I didn't see who it was or anything like that," he said.

Chattanooga Police believe both the victim and the suspect were inside the same bar earlier in the night.

"Not only does it look like part of the incident actually began inside the location, but actually our victim was inside the location as well, came out side, and preliminarily it looks like the suspect may have followed him."

Sky Zoo management posted a message on their Facebook page, saying the shooting did not happen in their parking lot and they do everything in their power to protect the inside and parking lot of the establishment.

"Pat downs, purse and bag inspection, 2 security guards in the parking lot and 2 at the front door, plus 7 more on the inside of the club! Unfortunately this incident happened. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone involved," the Facebook message reads.

Asst. Chief David Roddy says the victim's body was found within feet of Sky Zoo's property line.

"Bullets don't understand property lines, bullets don't understand racial lines, bullets don't understand demographics, they simply hurt and kill people," said Chief Roddy.

Police have responded to Sky Zoo more than 150 times with the last 12 months, according to their records.
Officers patrol the area regularly.

One officer on duty that night also heard the gunfire.

"When you mix with a high level of call for service, you mix alcohol, you mix staying open to late hours, you put all of those together there is an absolute potential for criminal activity," Chief Roddy said.

Channel 3 has reached out to Sky Zoo for comment multiple times but have not heard back yet.
If anyone was at the club on Saturday night, Chattanooga Police want to see your pictures or videos. Call (423) 698-5129.  
They're hoping that will help in trying to identify the suspect.


PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga Police officer was patrolling on Lee Highway when he heard gunfire. Officers responded to the area finding a man, Robert Jackson III, 22,  lying in the parking lot near the "Sky Zoo" bar with a fatal gunshot wound. 

CPD secured the area, started first aid, and initiated an investigation. 

Hamilton County EMS pronounced Jackson dead on scene. CPD Violent Crimes Bureau Investigators are following all actionable leads. 

Chattanooga Police ask anyone who was at Sky Zoo during this time or anyone with information regarding this crime to call 423-698-5129.  

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