By Jordan Jackson, TODAY

(NBC News) - A photo of an apparently new house uploaded to Imgur and Reddit has the social media world buzzing — but not over common home-related topics like its price or location.

Instead, the structure is receiving attention due to one very big design flaw: it has a garage, but no driveway! And to add to the confusion, there's a sidewalk to ensure that one can't be built.

The photo was posted to Reddit a few weeks ago along with the caption, "They had one job." Soon after, many users began formulating guesses as to how designers could possibly forget the major feature.

"Probably the show house for a new neighborhood," one user wrote. "They use the garage for office space/storage. When the neighborhood is near full, they will pour a driveway and sell the house to people who will live in it."

The user who shared the post agreed, responding that the theory "makes sense" because the house is "on the corner in a new subdivision."

Others who voiced their opinions weren't convinced.

"I've been a real estate appraiser for 13 years and I've never seen a model home that was purposely built with the intention of tearing it down or majorly altering it later," another user added.

So, was it planned, or is it just an embarrassingly poor design? We hope it's the former.