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Overflowing garbage plagues one bar & grill this week

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The good news continues for a lot of restaurants being inspected this week in Hamilton County. All of the scores were very high. Also, there is not a failing grade to report but we always focus on the lowest score and that's an 81 at Lively's Bar and Grill on Ringgold Road.

The inspector found the person in charge had little knowledge about food safety, there was no thermometer in the cooler, garbage was not taken out of the kitchen - it was overflowing. All garbage must be emptied each night and the microwave needs a good cleaning.

This will be my last Restaurant Report Card. I'm leaving television and will soon become a proud employee at Erlanger. I want to thank Lowe Wilkins and his team at the Hamilton County Health Department for their professionalism and hard work they perform each day. It's a job with very little thanks. I will miss my friend John Brown, an Environmental Health Inspector, who always comes in early each Wednesday morning to make sure I get all I need when looking over the reports. If there's a question to be answered, he's there.

Finally, if you have a complaint about a pool, restaurant, health care facility, or day care, even the place where you work out, call the Hamilton County Health Department Hot Line at 423-209-8110. Someone will personally handle your complaint weekdays between eight and four. You can also stop and visit the Health Department and read the reports for yourself. 

The next person who has this job, let me tell you it's a great way to be an important part of this Friday newscast each week. By the way, thank you to our Channel 3 webmaster, Tracey Trumbull, for putting these reports online each Friday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your meal!

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