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Used car dealer charged again with sexual battery speaks out

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An 85-year-old Chattanooga man is accused again of fondling a female customer at his car dealership. 

The accusations come just three weeks after Fay Sims was last charged.

Sims, who owns "Best Motors" in Chattanooga is facing sexual battery charges for the third time. The details of this latest arrest mirror cases against Sims in the past. Despite how similar the allegations are, the 85-year-old says he's innocent.

"They told me to tell you get," said one customer. 

Customers of Best Motors didn't want to talk about the charges its owner is facing.

Fay Sims is charged with sexual battery after allegedly forcing himself on a customer who was making a payment. Just three weeks ago, there was a similar charge, after a woman claimed he pushed her up against a counter with his hands in her clothing and tried to kiss her.

A grand jury indicted Sims on another sexual battery charge in 2014.

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" We don't have nothing to say," said Sims' secretary. "He's not here, we have nothing to say."

Sims' secretary refused to answer our questions about the allegations. His long time friend came to his defense but he wouldn't give Channel 3 his name. 

Reporter: "What would you say to the alleged victims?"  Friend: "They need to leave him alone too, come down here trying to get something for nothing that's all it is." 

Channel 3 found Sims out on bond at his home. He told us he's innocent and that will come out in court.

"Yes it's all a bunch of lies, so after court I'm going to get with you guys and explain what happened, what it all is and what caused it," said Sims. 

According to court documents, Sims told the latest victim he could help her out with her van before forcing his hand down her shirt. He denies those claims. 

Reporter: "You"re saying they're all false?" Sims: "Oh definitely, I'm 85 years old. They've rubbed me in the ground and I'm going to get it straightened out."

Reporter: "What do you want your customers to know?" Sims: "They know it's all a bunch of...and I've got a bunch of them that have signed that they know about it. I'll prove it to you later." 

Sims is facing a sexual battery charge in this latest case, a class E felony. If convicted, he could face up to six years in prison and a fine of $3,000. He's due in Hamilton County Criminal Court later this month on the 2014 sexual battery case.

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