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Victim in motorcycle accident remains in the hospital

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A motorcycle rider was thrown from his bike and didn’t survive.  His friend, riding as a passenger, was severely injured when the bike crashed into the guardrail on Cummings Highway.

Monday, Angela Ownby talks about the crash, only with Channel 3.

Even one week later, Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies still need the public's help tracking down the driver of the car. Witnesses say a vehicle veered into the lane the motorcycle was in causing it to crash.

Angela Ownby, 48, remains at Erlanger Medical Center in stable but critical condition. As investigators continue to work to find the driver responsible Ownby begins her months of rehab on the road to recovery.

With broken ribs and bandages covering most of her body Angela Ownby is bound to her hospital bed. With five surgeries behind her, there are still many more to go. “Everything is pretty broken up. I can't feed myself; I can't brush my own teeth. My life has changed dramatically, and I lost a great friend,” said Ownby.

Ownby and her friend, she calls Zack, were traveling on Cummings Highway on their way to get burgers. A vehicle hit the motorcycle they were riding on, killing Zack. Investigators are still looking for the driver of who hit them and kept driving. “Don't let them get away with this. Hurting me and Each being dead. Don't let them get away with this. Surely they have a conscious to turn themselves in.”

She holds on tight to a guardian angel necklace her family bought her after the accident. Ownby's little sister hasn't left her side. “It is very scary. You go with the flow and uplift them as much as you can. Keep praying to God because he is in control,” said her younger sister Alice Todd.

Angela will need months of rehab before she is able to walk again. “I need a house or first floor apartment or something where I can get my hospital bed, rehab at home to sit. Chairs, anything I may need for my home health care to lay and recuperate,” said Ownby.

Angela is determined to be an independent woman once again. Her goal is to thank the men and women who saved her life. “I have my days, I cry I get angry. I wonder why, I feel bad Zack is not here and I am here and I wonder how I am going to live like this. But I am here, and things will get better as long as I keep trying.”

Angela expects to leave the hospital Tuesday. Friends are using a website to raise funds for Angela’s medical expenses. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is looking for a dark colored vehicle. If you have any information about the accident contact the sheriff's office at (423)-893-3503.

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