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Update: Firefighters rescue 2,000 pound bull stuck in swimming pool in Hamilton County

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Photo: Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. Photo: Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Dept.

UPDATE: HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) Firefighters were called to a home yesterday, but not for reasons you would normally think. 

They were there to rescue a bull from the "deep end" of a swimming pool in Hamilton County. The owners of the home on Meacham Lane say they have no idea how long the bull was in the pool, the family's  rescue dog sounded the alarm. 

The bull's owners say he is just one big gentle giant with a curiosity about life and curiosity got him in trouble over the weekend when he wandered into the family swimming pool. 
" The 911 dispatchers they called me and said we've got a situation we need you to go checkout," said Assist. Fire Chief Jack Brellenthin, Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue. 

Assistant Fire Chief Jack Brellenthin couldn't believe his eyes on Saturday. Boe the bull was supposed to be grazing, he instead walked through an open gate and across his family's covered swimming pool. Dallas Bay Firefighters found him stuck in the deep end. 

 " No this will be one we'll remember for a while," said Brellenthin. 

Firefighters say it took a few minutes to come up with a plan. 
" He weighs over 2000 pounds so how are you going to get 2 thousand pounds out of a pool," asked Brellenthin. 

They put a tow truck and tractor on standby and worked to untangle him from the pool cover.

" He got his feet up on the pool cover and then finally he got up," said Brellenthin. " Once he stood up he walked out of the gate and went 'mooooo' and then walked off that was it."

It's the department's very first bull rescue. 

 "I'm sure we're going to get all kinds of calls from the other departments ....go run play cowboy, all that kind of stuff," said Brellenthin. 

Boe's family says he's mischievous, playful and above all curious, they say they're thankful for the firefighters who saved him.

"Every call is unique you never know what you are going to get into until you get on the scene and figure it out," said Brellenthin.
"They are going to have some pool cleaning to do I can tell you that."

Family members say Boe cut his legs one the edge of the swimming pool but those cuts are healing nicely, they hope he's learned his lesson. The pool suffered minor damages. 

A baby bull was rescued from the "deep end" of a swimming pool in Hamilton County, by Dallas Bay firefighters. 

The bull got into to the pool because a gate was open, said firefighters. Firefighters were able to get the bull out safely. 

This is a developing story stay with Channel 3 as this story develops 

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