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Doorbell saves Sale Creek man's life

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UPDATE: Kyle Bell says he never would have known his house was on fire, if he did not hear the doorbell ring, repeatedly, Sunday morning. 

“Came out on the front porch nobody was there, so I came down the stairs to the garage door and that's when I saw the smoke coming out from the attic vents,” said Bell. 

Bell says he believes a wire shortage is what caused his doorbell to go off. Sale Creek Fire Department arrived at his home on Tonja Lane.

Firefighters say the attic and living area were on fire. 

Bell is not sure how the flames ignited.

“It was a nice house. The roof caved in on the upstairs. About the only thing that's got anything left in it is the basement,” said Bell. 

Bell lived there for ten years, the fire claimed some of his valuable items, but stuff can be replaced.

“Anything that was loss is more of an inconvenience. It’s not loss of life,” said Bell. 

Bell says he's thankful he heard the doorbell.

“I don't know when I would have woke up. It happened for a reason. It’s just a question of what that reason is for,” said Bell. 

The cost of damage is estimated at $250,000. Bell is staying with loved ones tonight.

PREVIOUS STORY: Sale Creek Fire Department responded to a residential fire at 13652 Tonja Lane, around 7:30 Sunday morning. SCFD says initial reports stated that the entire attic was on fire. 

Upon arrival of the fire department, officials reported that the entire attic along with a large portion of the living area was involved with the fire. 

The home owner was able to escape the blaze without injury. Firefighter were able to recover a car, lawnmower, and several items from the garage undamaged. Damage is estimated at $250,000 and the cause of the fire is under the investigation. The home was insured and the owner is staying with a neighbor. 

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