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Rainy start to the Chattanooga Film Festival

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Wet weather Thursday put a bit of a damper on setting up for the third annual Chattanooga Film Festival. Some outdoor events are planned, including ones on an open stage. Coordinator Victoria Love has had to shuffle some schedules because of the rain.

"We have moved a couple things from the stage that were planned for today to tomorrow [Friday] afternoon," explains Love. "So no one will have to stand out in the rain for our special performances."

Under the cover of a couple of tents you can catch some unique entertainment while taking a break from movie and popcorn.

"Belly dancers, fire dancers, comedians, Q & A with actors," says Love. "We're going to have a bar tending competition on Saturday."

With the weather practically taking the outdoor events hostage for a day, it's a good thing they take place next door to the Majestic Theater where the films are being featured. In case it storms Thursday night, people will have to act fast.

"These tents are a structure not considered a building. So if it's a really bad storm, we'll moved everyone into the building," adds Love.

Richard Winham, a host on WUTC radio, is hoping to to do a remote broadcast. While his equipment isn't too big or expensive, he had to try to keep it dry when bringing to the tent.

"We've got remote equipment. A little board, a portable board about that big," says Winham as he stretches his hands about a couple feet apart.

It's his first remote show with the station and he's never had to set up during rain at past jobs.

He hopes the rain doesn't hold up his guests. He has a lineup of important people associated with the films who are ready to talk. However, if they don't get here in time he'll keep a good sense of humor about it.

"It'll be me sitting on one end of the table, running around to the other side of the table," jokes Winham.

As for the weather keeping film buffs at home, Love says it won't keep away the true fans, especially the die hard fans. Tickets for opening night Thursday were almost sold out by mid-afternoon.

"So they don't mind rain, snow, sleet, or hail. They'll be here," says Love.

She says the festival is expected to draw a crowd of 12,000 people and runs through Sunday, April 3rd. For more information visit this link .

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