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UPDATE: Haslam, TDOT announce 3-year plan for Tennessee road projects

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UPDATE: The following projects would be funded with the $100 million transfer from the state’s general fund, and would all be under contract before the end of 2016 if approved by the Tennessee General Assembly: 

  • Fayette County, I-40 – Interchange modification at SR 196 (Hickory Withe Road)
  • Haywood County, SR 19 – Construction of the Brownsville Bypass from west of Windrow Road to SR 76 south of Brownsville
  • Knox County, SR 62 (Western Avenue) – Widening from Texas Avenue to Major Avenue
  • Marshall County, SR 50 – Widening from US 431 (SR 106/Franklin Pike) to US 31A (SR 11/Verona Avenue)
  • Montgomery County, US 79/SR 13 – Widening from Cracker Barrel Drive to International Boulevard, serving Hankook Tire
  • Sullivan County, I-81 – Construction of truck climbing lane at mile marker 60
  • Washington County, I-26 – Interchange modification at US 321 (SR 67), including the additional of an auxiliary lane and widening of I-26 East

The proposed projects for 2017-2019 (See PDF below) include:

Bradley County

  • Construction on State Route 60 to make it four lanes north of I-75 (Westland Drive) to State Route 306 – begins in Fiscal Year 2018

Hamilton County

  • Work on I-24 to modify the interchange at Broad St./Market St. – right of way in Fiscal Year 2017, construction begins in Fiscal Year 2019
  • Bonny Oaks Drive from Adamson Circle to West of Bonnyshire Drive (1.5 miles) – right of way begins in Fiscal Year 2019
  • Bonny Oaks Drive from Bonnyshire Drive to I-75 (1.7 miles) – right-of-way in Fiscal Year 2017 (Matt did a preview package on a community meeting about the Bonny Oaks work on 1/12/16 – they plan to make it five lanes instead of two)
  • Apison Pike from Ooltewah-Ringgold Road to near Layton Lane (2.39 miles) – construction begins in Fiscal Year 2018
  • Apison Pike from near Layton Lane to East Brainerd Road (1.71 miles) – right of way begins in Fiscal Year 2017

PREVIOUS STORY: NASHVILLE (AP) - Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is releasing his plan for road construction in Tennessee on Thursday.

The governor tells reporters that the plan will identify the specific projects that will be funded in the next three years.

Haslam has been making a case for increasing the state's gas tax for the first time since 1989 as a way to help cover a $6 billion backlog in transportation project funding. The governor has said that roads cost three times as much to build than when the tax was last increased, and that drivers pay less because cars get much better fuel mileage.

But lawmakers have been reluctant to take up the measure in an election year, and the governor has acknowledged that a gas tax is unlikely to be considered this year.

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