UPDATE: Tenika Havis says a day later she is still shaken by what happened at this bowling alley.

“At work today, I’ve barely been able to concentrate. To see someone 20 to 30 feet from me, actually try to pull a trigger, and try to shoot someone is something I’ve never been through,” said Havis.

Havis was at Pin Strikes on Perimeter Drive Tuesday night with friends when she witnessed a young man pull gun.

The tense moments were caught on camera and shared with police.

In the video you can see a large group of young people arguing before a young man pulls a gun from his pants.

Havis says he attempted to fire, but the gun jammed.

“If that gun didn't jam up, innocent people would have been shot. Everybody is down on the ground, they are crying. People are over the intercom saying: "Get down or exit the building. You don't know what to do because there is so much chaos going on,” said Havis. 

When Chattanooga Police arrived staff members told officers two males had guns, but officers were not able to locate those weapons. 

Police arrested the juvenile seen with the gun in the video.

Other juveniles were arrested, but not because of the fight. 

CPD says most of the juveniles seen in the video were unsupervised. 

“Be active parents. Know what your kids are doing. This behavior is not going to be tolerated, and you shouldn't tolerate it either,” said Glenn Scruggs, Chattanooga Police Department. 

Havis says she won't be returning to the bowling alley any time soon.

“I will not go to any public events anytime soon. i mean even now thinking about going to the mall, you hate to feel that you have to look around you and always wonder if something is about to happen,” said Havis. 

Police believe the gun seen in the video may have been passed off before they arrive.     

They are currently looking for a handful of teens who may know where the weapons is located. 
We reached out to pin strikes to discuss security measures.
We have not heard back from them. 
CPD says they will monitor the bowling alley over the next few days.

PREVIOUS STORY: Several juveniles were arrested Tuesday night at Pin Strikes, a bowling alley and amusement facility in Chattanooga, according to the Chattanooga Police Department.

A video sent to Channel 3 shows the crowd surging, and one person pulling a gun from his pants and aiming it into the crowd. Channel 3 has not yet been able to verify the source of the video.

One juvenile was arrested because of the fight, and the others were arrested for offenses that weren't related to the fight.

Police tell Channel 3 they did not locate a weapon during the incident.

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