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Donation jars stolen from Stockdale's in Hixson

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Money that was given by everyday shoppers as donations to local animal shelters was stolen straight from a store in Hamilton County.

The store owners contacted police, but say they need your help in finding the suspect.

The manager of Stockdale's is trying to find the person who stole two donation jars from a front register.

The whole theft is caught on camera and the manager wants to know if you recognize the man shown in the video.

This man walked into Stockdale's on Friday night like any other customer, but seconds later he grabs two donation jars from the front register and leaves the store.

"He walked around the register, went to the register, grabbed both of the jars and bolted out the door, almost like he knew they were already there," said Asst. Manager Andy Howington.

Another employee saw the theft but by the time they got outside to look for him it too late.
Outside surveillance shows the man ran to a gold truck and drove off.

"From the time he got out of his vehicle to the time he got back into his vehicle was just a minute and 34 seconds. He was on a mission," Howington said.

The donation jars collect money for two local organizations.

The McKamey Animal Center and Wallie's Friends have benefited from Stockdale's customers for years.

"We've had them in here for a couple of years at least, our customers are very generous and there's really no telling how much was actually in the jars," Howington said.
Whether there was $5 inside those jars, or $500, Howington wants to find the man who took them.

"It's one thing to steal from a store but to steal from a charity, taking away from the animals," he said, "It just makes me angry."

It appears the suspect is a white male driving a gold truck. If you recognize this person call Chattanooga police, or contact Stockdale's.

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