The fence bordering the cemetery, where our veterans were laid to rest and countless people visit still shows the damage from the incident. 

It happened on April 7th of 2015, the crash on South Holzclaw Avenue at Bailey Avenue, claimed the life of 51-year-old ,Carl Hice. Those who have loved ones buried at the National Cemetery want to know why the gate has not yet been repaired.

Cemetery officials say the fence was damaged in three separate crashes, two of those spots have been repaired but one part of the fence on Holtzclaw Avenue has been open for nearly a year now. The caution tape has been there so long, it's no longer yellow. Family members believe this should have been fixed a long time ago.

"Way too long, I apologize but it's way too long," said Greg Hesson. 

Army veteran Greg Hesson says he's speaking out for all of his military brothers and sisters.

"I served also and the camaraderie you have it's great and I feel that same camaraderie standing here," said Hesson. 

Hesson visits his fiance's grandfather here often. Caution tape hangs in front of his grave, it's been here for nearly a year following a deadly crash that damaged the fence and left this section of the cemetery exposed.

 "It is tacky at the least it's very tacky," said Hesson.  "These men and women sacrificed a great sacrifice to be buried here and I believe they deserve more than this."

He called Channel 3 after he says he asked staff and workers, why the fence hasn't been fixed yet and got two different stories.

"The one story it was an insurance adjuster he was waiting on," said Hesson. 

Cemetery officials tell Channel 3, they are waiting fence parts to be made. They couldn't tell us when the fence will be fixed.

Hesson wants the fix to be a priority for more than just his family.

"This is ludicrous to me, there should be no excuses for this," said Hesson. " If they got to come out of pocket, if the Governor has to come out of pocket, whatever it takes to get this replaced so there is peace with these people and their loved ones it should be done." 

Cemetery officials tell us each part of the fence has to be manufactured by a company that is local. They say the order is in but they don't know long it will take for that order to be delivered. Channel 3 will continue to follow this story and  keep you updated on any repairs.