Those from the North Shore community gathered Thursday night hoping to make Chattanooga schools better. 

Unifi-ED is holding community meetings in every district to give members a chance to voice what they want in Hamilton County's next superintendent.

"The community is the key to building great schools. If you get the community involved, our educational system here in Chattanooga would explode," parent Montrell Besley said. 

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This group said it starts at the top and trickles down. Besley wanted Hamilton County's next superintendent to be an educator. 

"Because he can relate to what teachers are actually going through and what's actually happening in classrooms. Not just locally but maybe around the country," he added. 

And everyone wanted to see the next head of schools fix some of the system's biggest problems. 

Heather McClendon is an educator for Walker County schools and has children enrolled in Hamilton County. She wanted equality among schools. 

"I think that if one school has a service or a resource and then another school doesn't and they have to make do, that fundamentally that's unethical," she said.

Elizabeth Crews is the executive director of Unifi-ED. She hoped school board members will listen to the community in the search for a superintendent. 

"We are recording every single conversation and transcribing every single conversation asking the same questions every time. So this is truly from the community. It's not necessarily from Unifi-ED. We're just kind of taking the initiative to do it," she said. 

To see a full list of meetings, click HERE.