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Eye On Health: Spring allergies

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Spring is here, and that not only means warmer weather, but also sneezing, along with runny and itchy eyes. Tree pollen season has arrived.

Dr. Susan Raschal, Chattanooga Covenant Allergy says, "Spring, this spring even though it was a delayed onset it's going to be even more robust than we've seen in the past."

Dr. Susan Raschal says her office has been busy.

Dr. Raschal says, "One of the things we know it's warm winters and more rain increases the amount of pollen we see because of the growth of the foliage and other things."

What typically starts triggering people in late April or early May like pollen started blowing around as early as mid-February.

"So treatment is key, because it not only can keep the allergies under control, but also can help prevent the development of asthma.."

Eleven-year-old Keshaun Hill knows about asthma first hand.

Keshaun Hill says, "I have to take my inhaler for emergencies and stuff and I have one at home and one at school just for emergencies."

Keshaun knows he can't go far without keeping that inhaler handy.

Dr. Susan Raschal says, "And we know there is a chance that we can actually help prevent the development of asthma in 50 percent of subjects with allergy shots."

The treatment involves two phases. The first includes frequent injections of increasing amounts of allergen extract. This is followed by a maintenance phase.

Rather than shots, some people are turning to allergy tablets they put under the tongue. The three tablets approved last year by the FDA are directed at different kinds of grass pollen and short ragweed.

I's estimated that 40 to 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, so it's important to see a doctor and find out which treatment works best for you.

Keshaun just wants to get better.

Keshaun Hill says, "You have to take it like everyday, you have to take it so you can get better, I want to stop all my allergies." 

A sentiment shared by those who are sneezing and wheezing this spring.

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