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Smoke alarm alerts sleeping couple of fire

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A sleeping couple was alerted of a fire in their home thanks to the fire alarm.

Officials say Theodore Herndon and his wife were asleep when their fire alarm activated, shortly after midnight. The couple noticed the fire, and they were able to safely evacuate the home, and call 911 for help.

The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to the fire, along with three other fire crews. Officials say the fire was fully involved in the home's garage, as well as spreading into the home and attic.

Firefighters were asked to evacuate the home after the flames eventually broke through the roof.

Fire crews were able to put the fire out after some time, and no injuries were reported.

Three cars at the home were damaged due to the fire, but officials say there is no estimate of the total damage to the home.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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