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Kids worry about parents oversharing on social media, study finds

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By A. Pawlowski, TODAY

When the photo of your son or the anecdote about your daughter seems too cute not to share on social media, how do your children really feel about showing up in your Facebook or Instagram account?

They're often frustrated, it turns out. In a new study, kids were more than twice as likely as their parents to say they're concerned about adults sharing too much information about them online.

"Kids wanted a parent to ask them permission before posting about them," Sarita Schoenebeck, one of the study's authors, told TODAY.

"Embarrassment was definitely a word they often used. Permission was another one, which speaks to the sense of control — that they want to control the information posted about them online."

It's a potentially serious legal issue in some parts of the world. In France, authorities are warning parents their children could sue them later in life for violating their right to privacy or security.

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