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McMinn Co. Sheriff: "That's not something sheriffs normally do"

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Sheriff Joe Guy doesn't normally make traffic stops. But he says one driver made it too easy after nearly crashing into him on a busy street.

"He just slid up and went sideways in the lane. I really thought I was gonna get hit," Guy said.

The Sheriff was nearly sideswiped while driving in downtown Athens last week, but he didn't think the close call would lead to an arrest.

"It's been a long time since I've taken a lot of people to jail. That's not something sheriffs normally do," he explained.

According to the police report, Timothy Ricker of Decatur was driving near Green and Jackson Streets. After nearly hitting the Sheriff's truck, Ricker continued driving and started weaving in his lane.

"He might as well have just knocked on my window and said, hey, why don't you just take me to jail today," Guy said.

When Guy stopped Ricker at a nearby gas station, he noticed the man's speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet.

Ricker had Xanax on him, but didn't have proof of a prescription. He told the Sheriff he was headed to court and having problems with his brakes.

"One would think that when you're going to court, you would be in a better state of mind, and certainly be more careful," said Guy.

On top of taking illegal prescription medicine, Ricker had an active warrant out for his arrest and was driving on a suspended license.

He was arrested and taken into custody. Sheriff Guy made sure Ricker was on time to his court date.

"We made sure he went to court that day," Guy said. "But, he went in the back of a patrol car."

Ricker is facing several new charges as a result of the Sheriff's traffic stop.

He has since bonded out of the McMinn County Jail.

PREVIOUS STORY: A McMinn County man faces several charges after he almost sideswiped the Sheriff himself. 

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy was stopped at a red light at Green and Jackson Streets in Athens. 

According to the report, the other driver, coming from behind, hit the brakes and slid sideways toward the Sheriff's vehicle. 

Sheriff Guy let him pass and took down the tag number. He then pulled the driver over when he noticed him weaving in his lane.

The driver, Timothy Ricker, told Sheriff Guy he was on his way to court and was having trouble with his brakes.

The Sheriff notice Ricker was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech, the report says. 

Ricker had Xanax on him but could not show proof of a prescription. 

He was arrested and taken to the McMinn County jail.

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