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Cleveland's "Miracle Man" writes book to inspire others

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A Cleveland man, known as the 'miracle man,' is explaining how he got that title in a new book. Doctors gave him the nickname after his heart stopped beating for almost an hour. 

Channel 3 first introduced you to Tony Dunn two years ago. He sat down with us for an interview just weeks after he was released from the hospital. He says in writing a book about his near-death experience, he wants to give hope and inspiration to others.

"I started feeling my breath getting short," says Tony Dunn.

The day Tony Dunn was supposed to check out of the hospital after having surgery to remove pancreatic cancer, things took a turn for the worst.
"They were ready to pronounce me dead," says Dunn.

Tony had blood clots in both of his lungs and his heart suddenly stopped. Doctors went through three crash carts trying to keep it pumping.
"The hospital team then coded me for 55 minutes and basically were ready to give up."

In the middle of the code, doctors let his wife, Beverly, see him. She told him to keep fighting. She still gets emotional thinking about it.

"His eyes were glazed over. And there was no sign of any kind of life," she says, holding back tears. "I thought he was gone. And I thought the next thing they would tell me is that he was gone."

"And then the heartbeat came back," says Tony.

Doctors could not believe it.
"I consider them angels," says Tony. "They were in the right place and god used them."

"They said that there was no other way to explain it. That he was a miracle man," says Beverly.

Tony spent the next 20 days in the ICU recovering. Two and half years later he has put his experience in to words, writing a book.
"I've been a Christian all my life but there were so many things I did not believe were possible," says Tony.

Tony still keeps in touch with his medical staff to this day and does not hold back in sharing his experience with others.
"We can not put limits on God," he says.

He and Beverly want others to know, God is truly in control.
"I was a believer. But after that day I am a believer. I believe fully now what God has the power to do in somebody's life that fully trusts that he is going to take care of you," says Beverly.

"If God wants to take you and kill you and bring you back to show somebody something, He can and He will," says Tony.

Tony's book is called: 'A Journey on Mighty Wings. Living, Dying and Deliverance: Reflections of a Survivor.'

He says the book is about to go to print and he is excited to have a book release party in the coming weeks.

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