Student leaders at Heritage High School have been celebrating "Dude Be Nice" week by recognizing those who perform random acts of kindness.

It's a school-wide service project.  As a grand finale, two special staff members were honored at a school assembly. The honorees had no clue what awaited them.  They were greeted by cheerleaders and band members, and then each got a surprise: Custodian Bobby Hunt got a big-screen TV, and cafeteria worker Ling-Ling Corle got a free round trip to the Phillippines to see her children for the first time since 1991.  Each said it was the surprise of their lives, and expressed their thanks to the students who made it possible.

Teachers E.K. Slaughter and Shannon Roddy said the determination of the students was impressive as they planned the surprise program, which allowed the student body to cheer on their helpful heroes.

Both recipients were also honored with a video of staff members and students expressing their gratitude, which was an added token of appreciation for their giving spirit. Principal Ronnie Bradford said he was proud of his student leadership team for setting a good example on how to honor unsung heroes.