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Fire destroys Dalton home, dryer blamed

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Debris is all that is left of the Vaughan's home on Marshall Drive near Dalton. The fire started around 2 Tuesday afternoon. Neighbors say they could see the smoke from miles away.

A box of the Vaughn family's paperwork sits outside their home. It is one of the only recognizable things left after a fire destroyed the family home of 50 years. The Moore family lives next door and saw it all. “Saw this big puff of smoke what looked like someone dug their wheels in the ground and created a lot of dust,” said David Moore.

The little home on Marshall Drive is now marked by shattered windows burned debris and a caved-in roof. “The whole thing just had smoke coming from the house. It was crazy it went right though the center of the house and just ate it up.”

Betty Moore saw the smoke from miles away at work. She had a feeling it was coming from her neighborhood. “We all noticed there was black smoke in the air. My husband text me to let me know our neighbors house was burning down,” said Betty Moore.

Only feet apart the Moores say they are lucky they saw no damage. “I was ready with a hose just in case something flew up over here. There is damage on the house on the other side because of the flames. The garage was the first to go up,” said David.

A melted washer and dryer sits on the back deck. Fire officials say the appliances are to blame. “They said it started in the dryer. A brand new dryer and it just cracked up and blew up.”

The owner is staying at a hotel as she waits to rebuild. The community is counting its blessings despite the loss. “So thankful to God nobody got hurt.”

No one was home at the time of the fire. The family dog did not survive.

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