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Chattanooga police officer pays tow bill for car theft victim

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Phyllis Vickery's Ford F-250 was stolen from her backyard on 4th Avenue two Saturday's ago.

Wednesday she received word that Chattanooga police found it. 

The thief had abandoned it on someone else's property. The property owner had Vickery's truck towed.

“I had a lot of doctor appointments to go to, and that truck was my world. It was my survival,” says Vickery. 

Once she discovered where it was, Vickery went the tow yard to pick her truck up, but couldn't because she didn't have cash. 

“When he told me $135 to get it out, I knew I didn't have that money. I don't have anyone I could get the money from,” says Vickery.

A Chattanooga police officer, Michael Ampthor, stepped up to help out.

Vickery says never in her wildest dreams did she think officer Ampthor would give her the money so she could get her truck back. 

“The officer, he come handing me money," Vickery tells Channel 3. "He said "go get your truck" and I didn't know what to say to him."

"I was like, are you serious," Vickery recalls. "And he said, 'yes mam, go get your truck.'”

Vickery plans to pick her truck up Thursday morning.

The generous officer didn't want to go on camera. 

If you know the person responsible for stealing Vickery’s truck, give Chattanooga police a call at 423-698-2525.

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