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Club owner wants to reassure customers after nearby shooting

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After shots were fired less than a block away from the Bella Vita restaurant and nightclub, the owner wants to clear up any confusion -- and also clear her club's name.

"It's bad business, you know. I don't want people to get the wrong approach or wrong opinion about us," said Tammie Taylor, owner of Bella Vita.

The restaurant and club is located on Cowart Street, just yards away from a shooting that happened early Sunday morning.

"We had no problems in the club. No fights, no altercations, nothing," Taylor said.

Crime scene tape is still tied near the parking lot, where 35-year old Reuben Simpson was shot in the head.

"Our security team went and rendered aid to the individual that was hurt," Taylor explained.

The club closed about an hour before shots were fired. Chattanooga Police had the area blocked off and interviewed several club workers.

"They came in and talked to several people," said employee Chuck Lopopolo.

Police say Bella Vita's security team gave a name and picture of a possible suspect who was at the club.

But when the man was interviewed by police, investigators determined he was not the right person, and the suspect was not a patron at the club.

"We're trying to comply with the police, and turned over all of our video footage in order to catch the individual who shot the man," Taylor said.

While police search for the real suspect, Taylor wants to clear her business's name.

"Just wanting the public to know this is a safe place," she said. "You can come here,"

Police are still searching for the shooter. Anyone with information should call Chattanooga Police at 698-2525.

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