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Whitfield County man arrested for dragging dog behind truck

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People in one Dalton neighborhood say they're still in shock after seeing a man driving around dragging his dog behind his truck. 

"I thought the guy accidentally left his dog tied to it," one witness who asked Channel 3 not to use his identity said. 

"It was having trouble keeping up with the truck," Sheila Brooks added. 

As neighbors tried to intervene, they say the man driving, Jesus Sandoval-Cruz, 44, got out and tightened the rope tied to the German Shepherd before taking off again. 

"At that time I knew he was doing it on purpose and that made my blood go cold," the witness added. 
Deputies arrested Sandoval-Cruz for cruelty to animals and driving without a license. Records show he told deputies he was trying to teach the dog how to follow the truck. 

The three year old German Shepherd is recovering at Whitfield County Animal Control. He still has a little trouble getting around but he's doing better. 

Soon, he will begin a new life in Atlanta with a rescue group that specializes with German Shepherds. 

But if it weren't for those in this neighborhood, the outcome could have been a lot different. 

"We take care of our dogs like they're children. I call my dogs fur babies. When they get sick, we pray for them and tend to them," Brooks added. 

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