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UPDATE: Police increase radar enforcement using one man's driveway

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Photo courtesy of Cleveland Police Dept. Photo courtesy of Cleveland Police Dept.

UPDATE: Cleveland police are paying close attention to speeders on Georgetown Road, following a 3 On Your Side report from Dan Kennedy.

On Facebook, the department announced it efforts, posting photos of a an officer clocking drivers' speed using LiDAR technology.

Cleveland police say they care about drivers' and residents' safety and encourage those behind the wheel to obey the speed limit.

Police have this reminder for drivers: the posted speed limit on Georgetown Road is 35 mph.  

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PREVIOUS: A Cleveland man wants something done when it comes to speeders on his residential road.

He's seen one fatal crash in front of his home and he and his neighbors have had almost a dozen side-swiped mailboxes.

"There's a real problem on this road and has been for a couple of decades now with speeding and people not obeying traffic laws going up and down this residential road," Bob Uhl said.

Bob Uhl said one reason drivers choose to speed on Georgetown Road is because there's no traffic lights and many use it as a short cut during rush hours. 

"We parallel Keith Street, people know there's no lights on this road and if there's not much traffic, people can put their foot to the throttle," he said.

In 2012, a drunk driver was speeding down his road when he crossed the median and killed another driver directly in front of his next door neighbor's home.

Uhl's home surveillance caught a driver in February side-swiping and breaking his mailbox. It's the fifth mailbox he's had to replace, costing him in total close to $500. 

He emailed the Cleveland police chief asking for help on February 28 after the mailbox incident but said he never heard back. So he invited Channel 3 to run radar out of his driveway Tuesday morning. A Cleveland police officer arrived after Channel 3 and also set up shop in Uhl's driveway to check for speeders. The officer said they'll return for more saturation and patrols now knowing they have permission to use Uhl's driveway.

"People usually go faster than the posted 35mph on that road, however, because it is a 2 lane road, we are not able to just park and run radar unless given permission by a home/property owner," said Cleveland Police Dept. Spokesperson Evie West. 

West said they'll send a department-wide email concerning the use of Uhl's driveway to run radar. 

Uhl said its a start but said he'd like to see stop lights at some of the busier intersections on his road, including at 20th St., 17th St., and Peerless Road.

"If we could put those lights on this road where it would somewhat throttle the traffic a little bit, people wouldn't have time to go from 0 to 50 or whatever as they try to go from one end of the town to the other," Uhl said.

The Cleveland city manager's office said it would be up to Cleveland Utilities to conduct a study on the area to decide if it merits red lights. A Cleveland Utilities spokesperson confirmed they'd have to do traffic counts on intersections before committing to a traffic light. 

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