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Hundreds say farewell to Ganns Middle Valley Elementary

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The multi-million dollar project to build a new elementary school in Hamilton County is nearly complete. 

This summer, two old schools will merge into the new Middle Valley Elementary. 

On Sunday, former students and teachers had the chance to relive some of their memories before the old buildings become a piece of the past.

Thousands of students have walked the halls of Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School since 1937.

For Bonnie Gravitte it launched a love of education.

“I was 6-years-old and I came in 1940. And then I came back 15 years later as a teacher!” said Gravitte.

Sunday, Gravitte and others returned to reflect and say goodbye to a building with history. 

In August a new chapter will begin. Students will learn in new classrooms. 

“When we build these schools we can build with more technology, and also user-friendly to operate,” said Jim Coppinger, Mayor, Hamilton County. 

Gravitte says saying goodbye is a difficult thing to do.

But she doesn't want to live in the past.

Soon a new generation will build upon what Gravitte and others started.

“I just wish time would throw back a little bit, and I can start all over. I’m just happy for the students and parents,” said Gravitte.

The building will be demolished in June. The new school will open in August. 

Former students and teachers can own a piece of Ganns Middle Valley history. Bricks from the building will sell for $30 each.

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