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Proposed bill could halt inspections on bounce houses

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Party rental businesses are gearing up for their busiest day of the week, including one in Chattanooga. 

With bounce houses and other inflatables in high demand, safety is at the front of Gary Lorant's mind. Which is why he checks his 30 devices regularly. 

The Tennessee Department of Labor started requiring inflatables to be inspected this year. A move Lorant says helps with safety. 

"It levels the playing field to where everyone has good quality equipment, everybody has insurance. It takes one accident for everything to go south," he said. 

But a proposed new bill could do away with those inspections. 

District 9 Senator Mike Bell is sponsoring a new measure that will go before a house committee next week. He says inspections don't have value for businesses or the consumer. 

"I found out that the inspector, when he came to the rental store to do the inspection, didn't unroll the inflatables, didn't inflate the inflatables," Bell said. 

Bell says he wants kids to be safe but cites a study in a medical journal that shows 95-percent of inflatable-related injuries were caused by operator error and not the product themselves. 

"The fault with the inflatables is not in the product. The fault is in how they are used. An inspection at a store before it's ever sent out on site where people are setting it up and using it is worthless," Bell added. 

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