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Orchard Knob residents turn out for community meeting

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One Chattanooga community had the chance to speak directly to some local politicians tonight. 

It happened during an Orchard Knob community meeting and gave parents and community members to speak about some of the biggest issues they see on a daily basis. 

It was put on by District 4 Commissioner Warren Mackey. Some of the biggest topics included parent and school involvement, school budget issues and test scores. 

District 10 Senator Todd Gardenhire attended the meeting to hear about those issues for himself. He says coming to meetings like this one helps him make decisions when he's in Nashville. 

Tonight he says he learned that there isn't a public school in the downtown Chattanooga area, making it harder on students who live in Orchard Knob. 

"What does it take to get a high school in the Chattanooga area? I thought was a very important point. That way it keeps the parents, keeps the kids, keeps the continuity of what's going on. Another point as far as money goes, there was a suggestion to make year round schools and a retired teacher said, wait a minute, when you do that, it costs money. You have to pay the people to do that," Gardenhire said. 

Community members also spoke about the need for more parent and school involvement. 

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