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Grandmother hopes to not use crosses

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A woman in Hixson said she had to get creative to solve a problem with people speeding in her neighborhood. 

The grandmother wants drivers to slow down, especially when her grandchildren are getting on and off the school bus in front of her house.

Lugene Qualls says someone sped past the bus on Pitts Road last week as the bus was dropping off her children.

"Bus had stopped, he had his stop sign out, kids were getting off the bus and this white vehicle just went on through the bus stop sign," she said.

Qualls put three white crosses to symbolize her grandchildren and a hand-made sign reading "you ran the school bus stop sign Friday, I love my children."

"I put the crosses up to get a point across to people that if they speed past the bus stop, that's what's going to happen." 

Channel 3 used a radar gun Thursday morning to clock drivers' speeds. We found a variety of speeds, including some driving slower than the posted 30 m.p.h but we also clocked some drivers going over 45 m.p.h.

Qualls hopes her hand-made sign and three white crosses will be enough to remind other drivers to help keep them safe.

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