Noted actor and Chattanoogan Samuel L. Jackson is joining over 50 athletes, artists and philanthropists to help fund projects at schools across the country.

A spokesperson for DonorsChoose.Org says Jackson is funding all of the classroom projects in Chattanooga. There were currently three projects in need of funding when this "philanthropic flash mob" occurred.

An Orchard Knob 3rd grade teacher needed $577 to purchase "Alternative Seating for Deeper Thinking," A teacher at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy was asking for $1,173 for three IPad Minis and cases to use at a robotics competition, and a teacher at East Ridge Middle school received $987 to purchase an IPad, Kindle, tablet and printer for more literacy access in class.

The teachers found out their projects were funded Thursday morning.

"You know here I am just one small school, one inner city school in Chattanooga, and somebody noticed us," said 3rd Grade Teacher Ashley Carlyle.

While each student in Mrs. Carlyle's classroom has a desk, you will usually find them sitting somewhere else. That's why she created this donation page to buy "Alternative Seating for Deeper Thinking."

Mrs. Carlyle's, like many others in the teaching profession, was struggling to get funding for classroom supplies.

"It's like being a scavenger you have to find what you need, and if you can't find it, you need to make it, if you can't make it, you have to find someone who can get it for you," Mrs. Carlyle said.

She saw the need for flexible seating when her third grade students were having trouble focusing at the typical classroom desk.

"I was like, this isn't a fight I'm willing to have, making them sit in desks, so if i can get the things to make them more comfortable maybe we can get some more learning done."

Before Jackson donated three others also contributed money to the $587 project. Carlyle's classroom will now get a couch, bean bag chairs, aerobic balls, and all kinds of alternative seating.
In the same city Jackson got his own education.

"We all graduated on time, nobody dropped out. We supported each other and our teachers supported us. and I loved my education in the Chattanooga School system," he said in the video.

"This is just another way for me to tell my kids that they matter, what they learn can get them to where Samuel L. Jackson is," Mrs. Carlyle said.

Mrs. Carlyle says Friday's assignment will be writing thank you letters to Samuel L. Jackson.

All classrooms should be getting their school supplies in about two weeks.

In Jackson's YouTube video, posted Thursday, announced the actor's participation in the national project to help improve schools and bring teacher's classroom dreams to life. 

Jackson also served as the emcee for the "Chattanooga Unite - Tribute on the River" following the tragic July 16 shootings that claimed the lives of five U.S. military members

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More than fifty athletes, actors, founders, and philanthropists announced a surprise “flash funding” of classroom projects posted on in communities across America. Collectively, these individuals committed over $14 million to fund nearly 12,000 projects, including books, art supplies, science equipment, field trips, and more.

They are now challenging the public to join them by donating to classroom projects on, making it a #BestSchoolDay for public school teachers and students nationwide.