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Woman wants to make Gadd Road intersection safer for drivers

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Someone crashes at the intersection of Gadd Road and Hunter Trail almost every single month, with nine crashes alone in 2015. 

One in January sent three to the hospital.

"We need a stop sign before someone gets killed there," Mary Bean said, "I mean, her knees were knockin' she was so nervous and upset over it. That's when I decided something had to be done over that intersection."

Bean lives along Hunter Trail and has a mission to make the area safer for drivers. She says people drive too fast and it's hard to see. Eighty people signed a petition she started. All they want is a stop sign on the south side of Gadd Road.

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"We want this to go through so we can get us a stop sign there so we can save people's lives," she added. 

She knows you can't always beat city hall but she's giving it a try. 

Chattanooga Department of Transportation reviewed the intersection last week and agree with Bean on the speed and visibility. 

They tell Channel 3 they've sent a letter to the property owner bordering Gadd Road asking them to remove a fence and brush to make it easier for drivers to see. Another idea is rumble strips but the city wants to make sure neighbors are okay with the noise. 

But until something is done, Bean's crusade marches on because to her it's saving lives. 

"I said if my husband would allow me to, I'd make up a stop sign and go out there and hold it up and make them stop," she said. 

Do you have a road issue in your neighborhood? Click HERE to report it. 

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