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UPDATE: Flying mattress causes multi-car accident on I-75 Saturday night

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UPDATE: The Georgia State Patrol's investigation continues Monday into a multi-car crash that occurred after a mattress fell off a Jeep Saturday night in Catoosa County.

The driver of the Jeep, Tristen Swafford, 18, of Cleveland, was issued a citation for an Unsecured Load.

"We get calls a lot when there's debris in the roadway and a car maybe swerves to miss it and ran off the road or something like that," said Sgt. Bill Case at the Georgia Dept. of Public Safety.

Sgt. Bill Case said commercial vehicles, like a lawn business, have stricter standards for securing loads on their vehicles or trailers. But even for personal cars, Georgia's load security law says whatever you put on a car, must stay on the car. If something falls off your car, it becomes litter.

"If we see it flying around or looking like it'll come off, then we will stop you," Case said. "If you're hauling a large object, it's probably not the best idea to put it on top of the car. You might want to see about borrowing a truck or something like that."

In Tennessee, there's similar laws that allow drivers to be cited for having unsecured loads. In fact, the state estimates 70-percent of roadway litter comes from unsecured loads.

PREVIOUS STORY: Georgia State Patrol continues to investigate a multi-car accident on I-75 Northbound in Catoosa County. The accident happened around 9:20 Saturday night near mile marker 350.

Investigators say a Jeep Cherokee was traveling northbound when a mattress on top of the vehicle came loose and flew into traffic. Multiple vehicles swerved to miss the mattress, resulting in three separate crashes.

GSP says one vehicle overturned and four other vehicles ended up with disabling damage. A daycare bus with Kentucky plates, carrying multiple children, was also involved in the crash. All of the children were taken to a Chattanooga hospital with minor injuries. Other drivers in the crash sustained minor injuries as well. 

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