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Inaugural Chattanooga Marathon brings thousands to Scenic City

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Runners gathered Downtown for the inaugural Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon. Over 2,500 runners tackled the 26.2 mile race in Chattanooga Sunday.  With thousands of runners it was hard to pick out anyone from the crowd until the end where the winner stood alone.

Coming in at 2 hours and 35 minutes Bob Adams crossed the finish line. “It was great to see every part of Chattanooga, St. Elmo area, North Chattanooga, UTC, First Neighborhood. It was great,” said winner of the male division, Bob Adams.

43 minutes later Kate Kokal was the first female to bring home the win.  “I'm ready to get a Gatorade. I am just really proud. I have never done this before,” said Kokal.

Adams and Kokal are regulars on the marathon circuit. Combined they run hundreds of miles training for race day. They say getting through the 26.2 miles comes with a lot of hard work and patience. “I do a lot of mileage, 65, 70, 80 miles a week. Long runs that are 24-30 miles. I jump in these and not get worn down as much,” said Adams.

“Take it a few miles at a time... and try to enjoy it the best you can,” said Kokal.

Some runners were at the marathon alone. Others brought families and friends. Mike Michaelson brought his significant other. “The only way I can keep up with her is to run myself.”

This is the 48th  half marathon for the 69 year old. He says his wife is all the push he needs. “We try to run every weekend so there is no training. The race is all the training.”

Runners used Sunday as a qualifier for larger races hoping to score personal bests. “Richmond in the fall, and then hopefully Boston for 2017.”

Athletes continued to cross the finish line throughout the morning.. The winner of it all has no complaints for the first ever Chattanooga Marathon. “For an inaugural event, everybody put on a great event. No hiccups, the volunteers were great. It is everything I could ask for , for a 1st marathon,” said Adams.

Race officials say they plan to make the marathon an annual event in the community. For a list of runners and their times, click here

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