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Elementary student hit by a car at bus stop

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A North Georgia six-year old is in critical condition after she was hit by a car while at a bus stop. The bus was approaching its stop Thursday morning, and had its lights flashing, when the girl ran out in traffic -- leaving the driver no time to stop.

Holly Romero is thankful her six-year old granddaughter slept in Thursday morning and missed witnessing what happened at her bus stop. Her granddaughter shares a stop with the six-year old girl who was hit by a car crossing the street. “These people fly down the street; they don't pay attention that the kids are being picking up on the bus. In the afternoon they don't slow down, they cut in front of the bus to beat it,” said Holly Romero.

In this case the driver had no warning to stop. Georgia State Patrol says the little girl ran into the street before the bus stopped, and signaled drivers to do the same. “The child is not to cross the road until the driver says okay everything is stopped and signals you can cross,” said Corporal Andrew Gideon.

Larry Turner heard the accident and was the first to call 911. “I heard a noise, my first thought was I'm really hoping it was a dog or a cat rather than a kid,” said Larry Turner.

Turner thinks with proper lighting on the busy street this wouldn't have happened, but funding for lighting on the road isn't in the county budget. Residents say they plan to install their own lights. “If we had better lighting I think maybe people would be able to see there are kids about to cross the street.”

Neighbors say speeding is also a problem as drivers try to beat the morning school traffic. “You see yellow lights or red lights you are going to stop all the way over there because you know you have kids getting on the bus,” said Romero.

As the little girl remains in the ICU with a broken leg and pelvis, waiting for surgery, state police are using this as a reminder to always be on alert especially during student pick up and drop off hours. “Keep aware. They are going to make frequent stops on the route, be prepared to stop when the buses come up,” said Corporal Gideon.

The driver of the car was not charged and was not ticketed.

The Georgia Department of Education recommends the following safety tips for when boarding the bus:

  • Stay  on  your  side  of  the  road, 12  feet away from traffic where possible.
  • ?Wait for the bus to stop and the stop arm to extend. Wait for your bus driver's signal before you begin to cross. 
  • Stop walking before stepping into the roadway and look both ways for moving  traffic. If a car is moving, do not step into the road.
  • Look for moving traffic both ways as you walk directly across the road.
  • Cross 12  feet in front of the bus in full view of your driver. Be careful in the danger zone and board the bus without delay.
  • Use the handrail and go directly to your seat!
  • Remember, if the bus driver sees an approaching danger with either their direct vision or with their mirrors, they will use their horn to signal danger.


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