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East Hamilton officials, parents meet to discuss recent threats

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In the last couple of days at East Hamilton Middle/High School, two threats were found written on bathroom walls, a student was arrested for having knives on campus and a fake picture surfaced of a student with a gun at school.

Thursday night, Principal Gail Chuy met with parents to hear their concerns.

Parents and students filled the auditorium at East Hamilton school to learn more about a number of recent threats on campus.

"Whenever the first incident occurred, as soon as I pulled up to pick her up, she was terrified, coming, running toward the car because she was scared," parent Ashley Knowlton tells Channel 3.

Two threats were found written on walls in high school boys' bathrooms. A student was found with three throwing knives inside his backpack and a photo-shopped image of a student holding a gun made its rounds on social media.

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"It is terrifying that they even have to face this, or even think, what's a lockdown," Knowlton says. "I never heard of that growing up."  

Ashley Knowlton came to the meeting with her 7th grade daughter for extra reassurance that the hallways at East Hamilton are safe.

"I feel my child is safe; I feel like she is protected and I just wanted to know that and hear it again that there are systems in place to ensure that," says Knowlton. 

Principal Gail Chuy reassured concerned parents, telling them students are being required to sign in and out of classes, limiting their movement inside the school and that teachers will be monitoring more.

"And just let them know that we're on top of things as much as we can be, there's going to be some changes for a while at least, as far as accessibility to the hallways and bathrooms and going in and out of the building," Chuy says. "We will be meeting with students." 

Chuy plans to address the threats and these changes with students on Friday. 

We asked Chuy why the student charged with having throwing knives at school wasn't addressed in her Thursday email to parents. She says she didn't want to hurt the investigation with the Sheriff's Office. 

"When you deal with juveniles, you have to be very careful," Chuy says. "You can't just blurt out everything, and I know that can be very frustrating for parents who want to hear things and know things, but, we're bound by certain laws and we have to go by those."

School leaders ask anyone, parents or students, that may know of something going on at school to report it. 

They can do so by emailing the principal or report it anonymously using the Quicktips messaging system

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