Employers often complain that young people don't have the necessary skills to enter the workforce.

In fact, they say many potential employees don't even know how to get their foot in the door, with a proper interview. Catoosa County educators and business leaders are working to change all that .

From the proper clothing, to dining etiquette, to basic communication, the rising professionals conference takes hundreds of Catoosa County students, and sets them up for success.

Hosted by Junior Achievement, and sponsored by businesses like Shaw Industries and Food City, this is not just a day out of school for these students.  What they're learning is real life chemistry and economics.

Business owners and company hiring managers come to teach.  They're the ones who create jobs, and they're looking for young people who know how to interview.  

By day's end, students who had already made strong impressions got surprise awards and recognition of their own.  

It's an early lesson that will pay off later. Excel  at what you do, and you will be rewarded.