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Fluctuating weather delaying pothole repairs on Highway 153

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As the weather changes drastically, the potholes on Highway 153 worsen. TDOT says the fluctuating weather this winter season has definitely affected the ability to get out and repair potholes. It says it is doing its best to make repairs as quickly as possible.

"As you know, 'tis the season for potholes," says Jennifer Flynn with TDOT.

Take a drive up and down Highway 153 and you could find yourself swerving to avoid potholes.
"It could cause an accident, especially if you try to dodge one and somebody's in the other lane," says driver Mike Ables.

Drivers like Ables know all too well what can happen if your car hits one.
"Oh yeah because it will knock your front end out of line. A tire out of balance," he says.
"We had a report of one particularly large pothole on State Route 153 near Hixson Pike and we were able to get that one yesterday," says Flynn.

Jennifer Flynn with TDOT says the crazy Tennessee Valley weather is slowing repair progress.
"That is a challenge. When it rains we can't get out there and patch potholes. And the cold weather, a lot of times we'll be out fighting ice and snow, and it's the same crews that do that are the ones that will be patching the potholes," says Flynn.

The 'cold mix' used this time of year does not last as long. Crews will most likely make more permanent repairs in April.
"It's hard to get hot mix, asphalt, this time of year," says Flynn.

If your car has been damaged from a pothole, you can submit a claim with the state Division of Claims Administration.
"They look at each claim on an individual basis," says Flynn.

In the meantime, drivers need to be on the lookout.    
"As soon as the weather improves we'll be out there patching potholes as quickly as we can," says Flynn.

"I guess they're pretty busy but they need to be taken care of," says Ables.

To report potholes on a state road you can contact the local TDOT maintenance office. As far as city roads go, you can contact 311 in Chattanooga. Click here to access a state claim form.

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