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Central High School student brings BB gun to school

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Early Tuesday morning, a student at a Hamilton County Public School viewed a video on a social media site. After seeing the video, the student reported the video to the SRO of that school due to the content of what was contained. 

This information was then relayed to the SRO at Central High School as the video was believed to involve a student from Central. Contact was made with the SRO and the student was identified. 

When the student at Central was approached by administration and HCSO personnel, the weapon was located within their belongings while on school property. 

The weapon was identified as a BB gun. It is important to note that these type of items are traditionally not chargeable as weapons at a school due to the fact they are not an actual firearm, unless the situation includes the item being displayed in a manner that is threatening or causes alarm. This incident met that criteria and an arrest was made.

HCSO deputies took a 16 year old male student into custody and they were transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention facility for the charge of possessing a weapon on school property.

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