Two Signal Mountain Middle/High School students are suspended from school for the remainder of the year, and face charges in Juvenile Court for making threats against the school, according to the town's police chief.  Here is a statement from the Signal Mountain Police Department's Facebook page:

"Last week Heath Gunter, our School Resource Officer brought to my attention a situation he and the Signal Mountain Middle High School Administration was dealing with regarding alleged threats made by a student at the school. One student was immediately suspended and not allowed back on school property until the next day and then only with his parents. At the meeting the following day with the student and his parents another student was implicated and was immediately suspended after a meeting with him and his parents. Both students are suspended for the remainder of the school year, are not to be back on school property and both have been charged through Juvenile Court by Officer Gunter. I was kept in the loop and consulted during the entire investigation and law enforcement and school officials moved in concert, quickly and judiciously once made aware of the problem.

Other students were interviewed but not charged or suspended as they had no ties to the actual threat.

Since the suspension and charges there have been no further threats or problems at the school. There were never any weapons produced or possessed by either individual. We have increased our officer's presence at the school just to make students, parents and faculty feel at ease as everyone was aware of the situation.

If any parent of a student at ANY of our schools have a question or concern regarding safety issues please feel free to call me direct at 886-2124 and I will be happy to discuss the issue with you over the phone or in person. We have had excellent cooperation and support from the Middle High School Administration since placing our SRO back in the school this year and I know it will continue to the benefit of our students."

Mike Williams, Chief of Police